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School Clubs

This is what the children say about the clubs they attend.

Maria says I chose to be in the football team because it is a fun, sporty and competitive sport that I have always been so interested in. So I was so desperate to give it a go, and now that I have given it a go it has now become my favourite sport but also one of my favourite hobbies. So that is why I wanted to join the school football team.

Netball Team

Emily says I like netball because it is a fun and sporty club. It's a good way to make friends and get outside more. Netball is great for exercise this club has made me be myself and express myself more. I love netball it's a very fun sport.


Erin says I enjoy netball because I can make new friends. I also enjoy taking part as a team and trying to win some games. Last week we scored 5 goals and that is the biggest number we have scored, it made everyone happy. We did not win but the other team didn't win either. Our coach is giving us lots of good advice to help us win. The netball team has given me something to be part of because when Mr yates asked who wants to be on the netball team me and my friend both put our hands up. 

Our goal as the netball team is to win a match but even if we don't win we are still very happy with ourselves. 


Isabel GH says I like being in the netball team because it helps me interact and be part of a team. I am learning a new skill every week that I enjoy and it is great fun to play in the matches.

I will really miss the girls because we have made such a great team together and done so well in the matches so thank you girls.


Isobel K says I like being in the school netball team because I like going to the matches and playing with other schools and I like being with my friends.


Poppy says netball is an inspirational sport that teaches us how to work as a team and how to communicate with others. My coach, Miss Cooper, has taught me all of the skills and how to play netball and has also given our team excellent feedback after matches.


Collective Worship Committee

Emily says I like being in the worship committee because it is very fun helping people and the school. Being in worship committee is great because I get to join in on a lot of exciting things. Helping in the assemblies is amazing because I get to do everything and put on a great assembly.

Key Stage 2 Choir

The children say the things I like about choir are:

Singing and actions and having fun in general. Sitting next to my friends and picking our own songs! I love the song Sing by Gary Barlow. Seirianne

Singing, having fun and I like performing. Olivia

I like singing songs that I like. 

I like choir because I like performing and singing songs. Ioannis

Singing, it's fun, I love performing, the singing. The songs are fun. I like the people I sing with. Scarlett M

I like choir because you can sing out of your heart. Isabel 

It warms up your voice! I like performing singing the songs. Cameron

The best thing is the songs because they are always so catchy and fun. Evie

Singing, sitting next to my friends, singing Sing by Gary Barlow and picking our own songs. Emma

I love singing. I love performing. I love to go to church to sing. Scarlett R

KS2 Choir

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  • EY FS 96.55
  • Year 1 97.04
  • Year 2 92.28
  • Year 3 97.41
  • Year 4 96.18
  • Year 5 84.53
  • Year 6 100.00