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History Overview

Miss Lyons is the subject leader for history.

This is what she says about her subject


I have always loved and been fascinated with history and the story of the world. It started back when I was in Year 5 learning about the Egyptians to furthering my knowledge of history in college. 


I love every aspect of history and how the skills for being a great historian can help in many other subjects. It gives us the opportunity to use primary and secondary sources to investigate significant people and events of the past. It’s very important to know your history and to know why the world is the way it is and why we do what we do in modern society today. It’s important to respect history for what it was but being able to draw conclusions from the past and learn from it.


What the children say about history. 

Penny says the different gods are interesting because each civilisation had the same gods but different names and drawings of them. The Egyptian gods were half animal and half human.

When we studied about the Romans we learned about Gladiators and how they fought people and animals for the entertainment of other Romans. We did Roman dances in P.E. which was fun.

Medicine has changed over the centuries and we still use  some things from the past. Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole invented how we do medicine now and it's nice to read about women's achievements in the olden days. Learning about how different people invented medicines to stop people getting horrible illnesses is inspiring.

Learning how people like me lived in the past is interesting. Living in caves and developing tools without the technology we have today is amazing! I also know I'm lucky to be born in a time when children like me used to have to work even though I am only 8. They had to go up chimneys, work in the mills and match factories.

So my favourite subject is history as it makes me want to learn more about the past, especially about Queen Elizabth 1 as she seems interesting and another strong woman from history.


Poppy says history is my favourite subject. We have been researching and learning about historical monarchs that have reigned. I have also really enjoyed learning about Anne Frank and World War 1 and 2.



  • EY FS 96.55
  • Year 1 97.04
  • Year 2 92.28
  • Year 3 97.41
  • Year 4 96.18
  • Year 5 84.53
  • Year 6 100.00