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Ofsted and testimonials

We are very proud the club that we run here at All Saints and pride ourselves in looking at ways we can improve our service, from receiving your feedback, the children's feedback and our Ofsted reports. 

If you would like to view our most recent report you can visit the Ofsted website and search Ofsted report using our postcode M45 8PL. 

As a team we thought it would be great to send out a monthly newsletter with pictures of the children and the activities they have been doing via our parent hub app. 


Team testimonials


" As a Playworker in club and a teaching assistant within the school I love that I have been able to build relationships with the children. Building trust enables the children to feel safe, It's a great feeling to be there for the children should they wish to have a chat or want to play some games. I have worked for After school club for 3 years and its wonderful to see the children grow in confidence and watch their journey.

I love planning the activities with the children and have great fun baking" - Miss Wilson 


"As the newest member of the After school club team I always feel happy coming to work, I have settled in well and have great fun planning activities with  children. We had fun making winter snow flakes with cotton wool and lots of sparkly glitter, colouring in and having conversations about the day. The children have great fun and we recently had a fab game of rounders, I love working at All Saints and look forward to spending more time with the children throughout their BAASC experience" - Mrs Lloyd


"I like how we all work together as a team, plan activities with the children and see how much they enjoy the activities they have suggested. It's great fun when we can go outside in the fresh air" - Mr Richards


I have worked in BAASC for 18 years - I find my role extremely rewarding, I consider it a privilege to be part of the children's development. - Mrs Cappelli 


Our children's testimonials


"  I really enjoy going to after school club as get to play lots with my friends and have fun" - Audrey 

" I like the colourful pictures on the walls " - Harnoor 

"I love talking to Mrs Lloyd, she is really fun and nice, we do lots of activities together. Mrs Cappelli is really kind and looks after everyone" - Erin 


Our parents testimonials

From our feed back surveys:


"My children love to attend club and often ask if they can attend more"

"The management and leadership team are spot on, we love you"

"BAASC is an excellent service for parents, I don't know of any other school that can match it in the area"


"As a governor and parent I am glad to part of the BAASC committee and feel confident that health and safeguarding is a top priority along with supporting the interests of the children. As both a governor and a parent I feel well informed about what happens at club, the staff regularly send out newsletters which tell us about what the children are up to at club as well as any updates about the club or it's running. The staff are always available to speak to should I have a query as a parent or governor and they have beautiful relationships with the children that can be seen when they interact with the children. " - Mrs K Murphy


"My son absolutely loved club. He is unhappy if I collect him too early! They are provided with so many lovely activities and experiences Jake is always happy to tell me what he’s been doing so he obviously loves every minute.

All the staff are absolutely brilliant everyone friendly and approachable.

We couldn’t be happier with the care and support given whilst we are in work.  I always highly recommend the after school club to other parents." - Mrs K Harper













  • EY FS 96.33
  • Year 1 88.33
  • Year 2 96.45
  • Year 3 95.67
  • Year 4 95.16
  • Year 5 96.90
  • Year 6 94.33