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All Saints’ Church of England Primary School Living out our Christian values

Welcome to BAASC.

 "Our Before and After School Club aims to provide a welcoming service, where children are encouraged to take part in a variety of games and activities inside and outdoors. Our team are here to support your children and enable them to grow and thrive in a relaxed, friendly and safe environment. "
"We hope you enjoy looking at some of the things our Children like to do at Club."  


Having fun for Children in Need.
"We love Jigsaws"
"What can we build?"
"I love crafts"
"Look what i made."
Mmmmmm Yummy.
Great Job.
"I'll be naughts, you be crosses "
" I enjoyed making my puppet"
Getting creative with play dough.
Relaxing in the reading area.
Fantastic work.
" I did all by myself "
"Good team work you two"
" Look at my owls"
Playing outside, getting creative building a den.
Being kind, working together, being friends.
Concentrating very hard.


  • EY FS 88.29
  • Year 1 92.26
  • Year 2 95.17
  • Year 3 93.33
  • Year 4 91.00
  • Year 5 97.59
  • Year 6 95.33