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One Goal

January 8th 2016


This half term, once a week, the children will be taught by an external agency 'One Goal' to develop the six habits to build character in every child. These lessons will develop the habits of:
1) Attitude - your child will build positive mind-sets that set them on the path to success.
2) Behaviour - your child will learn to act appropriately in a range of situations.
3) Courage - your child will learn to be brave and step out of their comfort zone in order to grow and develop.
4) Decisions - your child will learn how to make balanced, informed decisions.
5) Effort - your child will develop motivation to put 100% into every task.
6) Friendships - Your child will have improved empathy and social skills for better relationships.

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  • EY FS 88.67
  • Year 1 92.67
  • Year 2 97.33
  • Year 3 99.33
  • Year 4 96.77
  • Year 5 94.00
  • Year 6 94.33