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Numeracy, Literacy, Science

May 13th 2016


Numeracy - This week the children have been examining how you add and subtract fractions with different denominators. Once they had developed this skill they refined it on My Maths.

Literacy - This week the children have been examining different poets in order to give them inspiration when writing their own poem. All the children produced some lovely poems and there are definitely some future poets in Year 5. The children wrote a conversation poem with their learning partner and then performed them to the class.

Science - This week the children have been using Space as inspiration for their artwork. They used a variety of materials to create pictures of the planets eg oil pastel, wax crayons, pencil crayons, water based paints etc. The children really enjoyed these sessions. The children also created a Space Quiz using information they had gained throughout the topic. The Space jokes were good.

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  • EY FS 99.67
  • Year 1 97.33
  • Year 2 95.67
  • Year 3 98.28
  • Year 4 97.42
  • Year 5 96.67
  • Year 6 97.57