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No hill is too hard to climb

December 4th 2015


Over the last two weeks the children have examined recounts using inspiration from the first conquers of Mount Everest. Were Mallory and Irvine the first to conquer the mountain in 1922 or Hillary and Tenzing in 1953? We also examined how children's lives differ in Nepal to England. Your child will be able to give lots of facts about this. also the children completed a role play activities associated with a police interview. The police interview was then converted into a recount. Our working wall was created by Pluto.

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  • EY FS 99.67
  • Year 1 97.33
  • Year 2 95.67
  • Year 3 98.28
  • Year 4 97.42
  • Year 5 96.67
  • Year 6 97.57