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Literacy and Numeracy

December 11th 2015


Over the last week the children have been examining squared numbers,cube numbers and triangular numbers. All the children have tried really hard to master these tricky number patterns. Our working wall board was created by Moon.

This week the children have been examining classic, narrative poems. We have studied The highway Man by Alfred Noyes. This has inspired the children to write some wonderful descriptions of settings. Next week we will use this poem to create our own narrative poem describing the last term in school. Our working wall was created by Jupiter.

Picture 1
Picture 2


  • EY FS 99.67
  • Year 1 97.33
  • Year 2 95.67
  • Year 3 98.28
  • Year 4 97.42
  • Year 5 96.67
  • Year 6 97.57